Water And Sewer Lines

water and sewer lines being installed on an acreage

When it comes to installing sewer or water lines in your home, you can rely on us for the job. From planning to installation, we will handle your project with professionalism.

Septic System Installation

septic tank being installed on an acreage

We install septic systems as per your specific requirements and are suited to your soil conditions. Our professionals are experienced in providing quality installation services.

Septic Site Evaluation And Soil Analysis

underground water lines

A site evaluation is necessary for every site where a new sewage or septic system needs to be installed. We also offer solid analysis to ensure you pick the right system.


Whenever you need a cistern installed, call the team at C & V Excavating Ltd. to help you with your water management efforts.

Driveway Preparation

Preparing the land surface before laying a driveway is an important step to avoid potential issues with your driveway.


excavation and earthmoving service

You can trust us to prepare the ground to help you lay safer and stronger foundations for your construction projects.

Basement Excavation

basement excavation

Our professionals are experienced in handling excavation tasks to help you create space for your basement.

Sewer System Installations

residential sewer line installation

Choose C & V Excavating Ltd. for your sewer installation project to reduce the risk of drain-related issues down the road.

Water System Installations

underground water lines

You rely heavily on a functioning water system, which is why it is essential to get it installed by professionals.